Friday, November 25, 2011

Fiera de Ladra

I went to the Feira de Ladra ("thieve's market") the Lisbon, Portugal flea market in July 2010.  


After a long, hot morning of searching through piles of old cassettes, sunglasses, hardware and other odds-and-ends,  I found several adornments. 

I've been hoarding the special treasures I bought that day, waiting for the right inspiration.  
Here's the first of the new pieces:

I don't know the vintage of this mother-of-pearl charm, but it is old.  
It's hung on moonstone & 14GF chain, with a bronze freshwater pearl & peridot accent.

 One side has a picture of a pagoda.

The other side features geometric carvings.

It looks pretty on either side!

I'll continue posting new pieces as I make them.

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