Monday, April 22, 2013

March pop-up at Cricket Design Works

 One fine day in March, while my husband & sons were off in Wales for spring break, 
I road-tripped to Madison, WI for a pop-up jewelry event.

Here is a taste of what was presented:

Speaking of taste, Chef Leah Caplan put served yummy treats including 
homemade bran & sunflower muffins, fruits, salami & almonds. 
The cheese, it must be noted, was also made by Leah 
as part of a 3-year study with the Wisconsin Dairy Board 
comparing the milk of grass-fed to conventionally-fed cows. 
Both cheeses were delicious.
But, surprisingly, I preferred the flavor of the cheese made conventional milk.

Special thanks to Cricket Design Works  for hosting the pop-up shop!