Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Morocco inspirations

My dear friend Shana asked me to do a jewelry making demonstration at a Moroccan-themed event.
Since it's outside my wheelhouse I have been researching Moroccan designs.  So much beauty!  
Here are a few inspiration images:

I got creative with bits & pieces I had on hand. 
Tassels are fun, also an inexpensive and lightweight way to add a dash of color. 
In Morocco you see tassels on clothing, pillows, and keychains, but not so much on jewelry
The round tabs are spray painted museum entrance pins!

Chunky Bakelite-style beads mimic amber.
This style of beads is described as copal, phenolic resin, cast resin, or faux amber.
This style is also known as Bakelite or Catalin.
The term "Bakelite" is sometimes used in the resale market to indicate various types of early synthetic polymers/plastics.

Coins & threads give these necklaces a real desert-feel.  
I wove and knotted colored yarn on old belly dancing chains.