Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

My freind Jenny asked me to repair a couple pieces of her jewelry.
The necklace was a commission from her husband to celebrate the birth of their fourth (!) child.  It features blue iolite, sapphire, and aquamarine.  Her little bruiser yanked on it while she was holding him.

The bracelet was a Christmas gift her husband purchased from the Sundance Catalog.  It was way too small to fit on Jenny's wrist, so she asked me to make it a little longer.  No problem ( I left a little leather dangling so I can size it to her wrist). 

After repairing her bracelet, I was inspired to make more, using materials I had on hand.  All are strung on leather with sterling wire.

Clockwise from top left: green rutulated quartz with FWP, aquamarine with FWP, amethyst with FWP, FWP, FWP with ruby, spinel with FWP.  The combinations are unlimited!

Sundance sells their "Ruby Riata Bracelet" (above) for $68 + $12.95 shipping.  
I'm thinking of selling my creations for $48.  What do you think?